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Attorney Eric Renslo




Property Crimes, Internet/Cyber Crimes, Violent Crimes, Theft, Drug Crimes, Gun Offenses, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Murder/Attempted Murder, DUI, Gang Crimes, and all California/Federal Charges.



Criminal defense without a trial-focused practice is like a dog with all bark and no bite. Renslo Law is always prepared to aggressively fight for you and go to trial on any case, and offers competitive pricing.


Renslo Law will leave no stone unturned when finding evidence to afford you the best possible defense for your case. Don’t just rely upon the work of the police — let us conduct a defense investigation for you.



Unlike other criminal defense firms, Renslo Law uses its inside knowledge of numerous prosecution agencies, coupled with our credible threat of trial, to obtain the best possible settlement offer for you.



Even if your case is in post-conviction status, it is not too late to get help. Renslo law is skilled at inheriting cases and finding trial mistakes that can be raised on appeal to potentially overturn your conviction.



If you already have a conviction on your record, you may be eligible to expunge that crime from your record, as if you were never convicted. Contact Renslo Law to see if you are eligible for an expungement.



Attorney Eric Renslo exclusively practices criminal defense in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Unlike most criminal defense attorneys, his expertise lies in bringing cases to trial, and more importantly, securing the best possible outcome for you. He is a UCLA Law graduate, has significant winning trial experience, is very accessible, and offers affordable pricing.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Renslo has successfully handled serious and violent felonies throughout Southern California. He has also litigated, as sole counsel, dozens of challenging jury trials and contested court hearings in many different Los Angeles County courts, obtaining favorable results in nearly all matters. He maintains great relationships with prosecutors, judges, police officers, and bailiffs.

Attorney Renslo is highly-regarded by his peers for his effectiveness and results as a trial attorney. He has extensive training in aggressive trial advocacy from UCLA School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. His work in advanced pre-trial, trial, and appellate criminal litigation has been recognized by UCLA School of Law with the Masin Family Academic Excellence Gold Award.

Call or text (213) 973-9190 today for a free consultation, or email



Attorney Eric Renslo

Telephone: (213) 973-9190


Eric Renslo, a California native, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at UC Davis. Eric then attended and graduated with a Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law, where he earned several awards and prestigious fellowships. He excelled in classes such as Rhetoric and Advocacy, and Criminal Trial Advocacy.


While at UCLA School of Law, Eric worked at several different prosecution offices across Southern California, such as the Los Angeles District Attorney, Los Angeles City Attorney, and Santa Barbara District Attorney. At these agencies, Eric learned how criminal trials were brought from the inside. He honed his uniquely client-centric, aggressive litigation style through jury trial after jury trial.


Eric went to law school to gain trial experience and become a criminal defense trial attorney. He will always give 110% to each and every one of his clients, regardless of the crimes charged, criminal history, financial situation, or alleged criminal conduct. Our focus is not on what happened in the past, but on how to get the best result moving forward.


Call or text (213) 973-9190 today for a free consultation, or email



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